Five women Engineers talk about their role models and influencesand the challenges, excitement, satisfaction and sheer variety of their professional engineering lives as creative product designers, team-builders, project managers, teachers of engineering and structural engineers.



Sharon Rabi

Engineer, creative designer and entrepreneur Sharon Rabi speaks about her role models growing up, how she thinks and the opportunities for women engineers to shape the world  through engineering creativity.


Clodagh Moore

Clodagh shares her love of engineering, and her love of teaching engineering: “the less I speak, the more they learn”. She explains how engineering opens up a wide world of creative opportunity for her students at Limerick Institute of Technology .


Rósín Howard

Roisin Howard, engineer and athlete, tells how her interest in Maths and Physics has led to a rewarding career in engineering  that provides her with challenges that satisfy her drive to keep solving problems..


Gillian Cagney

Gillian Cagney explains how her Engineering life journey has brought her from mastering hands-on engineering skills to team building , management and problem solving in major engineering projects often in challenging wilderness environments. Don’t fear the unknown and you will discover who you are.


Leanne Leonard

Leanne says she loves adventure. She describes her educational journey and explains what her work as an engineer designing building structures entails. She loves the challenges and excitement of working in a small design enterprise where she gets involved in every aspect of the business.